You can clean your house, you can clean your office, and you can clean the garage. You can tidy up the yard, rearrange the kitchen, vacuum the carpets and sort through the pile of loose DVDs. Then there is the laundry room, the attic, and the den. Cleaning is a full time job, but save room for the computer. Get those files in usable order. Review what is on your desktop today.

Yes, cleaning can be quite a different matter than what you think. It is not just the obvious. It can pertain to getting rid of old files that you have been storing too long, putting pressure on your operating system. Sometimes the computer knows just when to do this chore. It can also apply to the entire way that the electronic world operates. For example, going paperless is a whole new realm we have all embraced. Almost everything can be done on line these days from filing your taxes to starting a new business to updating your driver’s license.

Most of us have to tackle the IRS or some other government agency from time to time. You have no doubt noted the changes in procedure, and they are most welcome. You don’t have to call or send away for forms such as a Social Security application. You can e-file your taxes in a blink of an eye. It is all so amazing that administrators got together to cut the red tape and clean up the bureaucracy. They took a vacuum to unnecessary steps and the cost of snail mail. They made our working lives a breeze.

If you own a business, you know that your quarterly tax reports can be downloaded, filled out digitally, and returned to the right party without you even knowing what, when, where, and why. It is all automatic, done for you, and done right. You can update your status at any time. You don’t have to worry about using the wrong form as they are often dated. You can file your annual state fees, report employee withholding, create W-2s at tax time, and more.

Some of the best cleanup work has been done by the federal government. Who would think it given their reputation for red tape? Red tape is a bother and a nuisance, and even the feds know this. They used to require nothing but manual forms. In the old days people used to roll them into the typewriter. As for mistakes, there was something called white out. Then you made a Xerox copy, placed the paper in an envelope, affixed a stamp, and waited for the mailman.

Wow, times have changed. You can sip your morning coffee, pull up the right form (usually dated), fill it out in a flash, and e-file away. It is fast and easy. The red tape has been broken for good. If you aren’t using the modern way of life, get up to date fast. You will save a lot of time and effort, not to mention red tape.