I need a great hot tub that sells for $500 or less for a community center that is free to the public. Funds are in short supply so it is important to get quality for this budget. I felt that I needed help so I would not fall short of my goal and still get good quality. I turned to the APSP, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals that supports government advocacy. Surely this is the right organization to vet companies to install the right unit.

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals is the world’s largest and oldest association representing the swimming pool, spa and hot tub industry. It offers an extensive online directory of members to help consumers as well as industry professionals find pool, spa, and hot tub service companies, retailers, builders, and other industry products and services. With an APSP Certified professional at your side, you’ll find values and options for every budget and every circumstance. I can see that this is the answer to my need to do due diligence. I will find a reliable company at a fair price that meets the demands of the public that frequents the community center.

When I contacted the organization I received a lot of help. I got a list of local vendors and scads of written testimonials. They were a veritable hot bed of recommendations. I feel comfortable knowing that I have a good resource. It is not easy to find something suitable for the public when it comes to hot tubs under $500. This usually means a smaller hot tub, perhaps not big enough for more than six people. I will have to find a discounted offer or compromise in some other way such as the building materials. With the help of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, I didn’t have to cut corners. They were able to find people who do public service work and could offer a much more expensive unit for $500. It was going to be durable, attractive in design, have a reliable heating unit, and functional spray jets.

The community center set the budget and when they found out what they could get, they were pretty pleased. It pays to do your research for the best buys. Most of the other units for their price were made of inflatable materials that could puncture or leak. We didn’t need an award-winning design, but we did want something that fit in with the adjacent Olympic size swimming pool and deck chairs. We wanted a total look for our budget price. Not surprising, in a couple of weeks the hot tub was installed on a semi-permanent basis and it looked just right. There were people enjoying the warmth practically on day one: from senior citizens to little kids. The community center was most appreciative of my efforts and the APSP when I explained their important role. Of course they got glowing written praise for their website.