You can learn more about government programs and projects on the Internet these days as the government is shifting to being more transparent and accessible. This is a giant step forward for those in power as they can communicate better with their constituency and get valuable feedback. Who can argue with this. Let me give you an example in a very minor way. The armed forces use towable tubes in certain situations for various purposes, not to mention water recreation. By reading about it (because I like to ride in such tubes) I found out how they avail themselves of quality materials and newer technology compared to the common public. What I wanted to know is how to get access to a tube made of military-grade materials for better durability. Some cheaper tubes do not hold up over time and I like this sport, if you can call it that.

I found out that yes, the public can buy these army and navy tubes at local surplus stores. Not all of them stock them and when they do there aren’t many. So if you see one, grab it. I had to travel to five stores to get the one I wanted and tote it home, waiting for my next vacation. So there are perks and benefits available to the public if you know how to find them. Thank the Internet every time. This is where I live. It is my permanent resource for just about everything. The only thing is that I couldn’t order the military grade tube on line and had to search for alternatives.

On my vacation, I got the high-grade tube out and transported it to the shore. You can rent boats for a day and attach your tube for some good riding on the sea. It is great fun and unlike any other water recreation experience. So my encounter with a government site that contained information on these tubes was a good find. I am pretty pleased with my research capability and how I can use government-sanctioned articles to my benefit.

I was having a good time so I called a few friends to come and join me. They got there in no time flat. We decided to share the tube and take turns. It was just as much fun. In between rides you can have a snack or a beer, or just relax and watch what others are doing. Inevitably there are others with boats towing tubes. We are a kind of private community on the water. We got a lot of sun and some of us a bit of a burn. It will be the evidence of our water hijinks at least for a few days. No one minds a status tan when they get home. People ask about your trip and are intrigued by towable tubes. Most haven’t ever done it. After all it is a bit of a trek to the water and a hassle to transport the tube. It is worth it, however, and I would never turn it down.