It can surprise us when our boss shows signs of environmental concern. Sure, we expect that from our friends and family, but not necessarily the boss. It actually happened to me. My employer carries about energy consumption and dwindling resources so he has created incentives for employees to bike to work. I was nonplussed that these incentives included a stipend to purchase a road bike. What a super fabulous idea. I support the new commute to work. I know we will all benefit by doing our part for the environment.

I chose a quality road bike for under $500 from this web site with excellent features so I would not have any trouble with it. I wanted reliability, durability, performance, and versatility. The only thing I have left out here is looks. Why not include good design and superior appearance. Then you have it all. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find all these benefits if you search the Web. In fact, there are so many to choose from that you can get a bit stuck. This was the first time I had been given this opportunity, especially at my place of employment. We were all quick to make our purchases and shortly after we formed a biking club. We had a list of safety rules for everyone to follow:

Look and listen—turn your head perpetually while on the road.

Show courtesy to other riders and do not attempt to pass speeding cars that are trying to avoid you.

Don’t be an easy target. Don‘t anger drivers who resent bikes in their lane.

Wear bright colors for visibility and white at night.

Use a light on the bicycle at night.

Always wear a helmet when on your bike: no exceptions.

Tie down or carefully stow anything you are toting on the bike so it doesn’t fall into the street.

We had regular meeting to review our rules and to make sure that everyone has complied with the helmet requirement. People get lazy and need a prod now and then. For fun, the biking club plans scenic routes on the weekend. The photographers among us take cameras and post them on Instagram. This has been a successful move in getting new members to the club. Our biking experience is much more than commuting to work. Bikes can be a way of life. Many of us bike to do errands, go on appointments, and visit friends. If you added up the gas savings, you would find it to be a rather hefty number. Our boss has certainly started something. We all do more than just recycling now to play our part in the eco movement.

Hybrid cars are also a good alternative if you want to focus on fuel consumption, but a bike is cheaper and is also just plain fun. Most of us didn’t get enough of this great pastime as kids. Now as adults we can bike to our heart’s content and do it with others. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile.